A Lorax Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, from the Peyote Lorax and everyone at Morning Star Conservancy!

The following is based on a true story. Only the names of the innocent have been changed to protect the guilty.

Special gratitude to Summer B. for the beautiful artwork which graces this page. Summer, this is the most beautiful Christmas gift I couldn’t even have hoped for. Thank you! I share it here with gratitude and prayers for the future of the medicine. God Bless Us All!

Every day is Christmas, it’s whenever and wherever medicine grows! It’s when down on your knees, gifts under the trees, where for the last few nights it froze.

With my phone to my mouth, I called Santo Klows down south, to say hola and Feliz Navidad. He spoke with a yawn as he’d been up until dawn, for reasons that might sound quite odd. All through the night, with all of their might, he, his wife and their elves, made the medicine a blanket of straw. What a beautiful sight, by dawn’s early light, were the pics that they showed which I saw.

And as we were speaking, me the Lorax was thinking… Heaven above, what is the love, that gives these good people and their elves such a plan? To make such a gift, old Santo Nick, to the medicine that grows on their land?

And as this thought I pondered, with a hoot and a holler, arose the sounds of some hooves on the lawn. Outside with a clamor, in the friendliest of manners, were a buck, and a doe, and a fawn.

Good day, I heard them say. Or at least I thought I heard, not with my ears but more with the eyes. We bring gifts we are leaving, is that not your believing? Or does this now come as a surprise?

You’re right! I yelled from my heart, which gave the young one a start, and she twitched as to spring in the air and fly away. But the buck and doe remained calm, as they slowly moved along, and I thought that I heard them bid me good day.

Gifts under trees, like my friends on their knees, on cold Christmas eve, knowing to whom they are giving. Gratitude for what you have gotten, may it not be forgotten, is the best way to know that we’re living.

Though I spend this day home, with me and myself alone, lonely is the one thing I am not. So from the end of the day, where the deer and medicine play, good tidings to you and yours a lot!

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  1. Merry xmas tio


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