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Welcome to my blog where we discuss how to help ourselves by helping the medicine first!

Precious Medicine, please help us help ourselves!

I was once told that we can’t take care of what takes care of us. The man who said this was trying to communicate to me how the medicine is so powerful that we do not have the ability to take care of it. I listened… thought about it… for nearly 40 years.

When I was young, like nearly everybody, my mother took every care of me. Feeding, cleaning, comforting… all of it. And she did all that without expecting anything in return. All so I could grow to a full person. And eventually you realize that part of being a full person is at some point, if you’re lucky enough to still have her, you have to then care for your mother. You reflect the blessings you were given back to the one who cared for you.

I believe we have arrived as a community at this level of maturity regarding our relationship with the medicine. It has helped us, brought us to our family, healed us, and listened to and activated our prayers. And at this time, as modernity shapes and shifts the very ecology of our world, the medicine needs our help.

Not because it is weak or powerless and we are strong. The opposite. It is strong enough to put it in our hearts to give back. We are the voices and hands that the medicine can speak and work through. We are not wise or strong enough to do this on our own. We need the medicine’s help to help ourselves. Just as with a prayer ceremony, it calls us as a people, a community of individuals, to give something back. That’s how strong this medicine is.

Everyone who has concern for the future of peyote is being called on to do what we can with the short time we have left on earth. It is the medicine itself, working in our hearts that brings us here and that births this blog. With understanding and inclusivity I hope to play a part in hosting this important conversation.

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