I Grow You, You Grow Me

I first planted medicine 40 years ago. I learned by observing cut buttons sitting on the altar on my bedroom dresser. These plants looked as healthy as the day they were given to me even though they had been sitting cut, out of soil for a couple of months. I began to notice short white roots sprouting from the bottom. They were quietly but obviously telling me they wanted to be planted, not just sitting there like a decoration.

Oh wait, I’m so sorry. I was not paying attention to what you were wanting… That’s how it made me feel then and that’s how I still feel about it when I remember that lesson. This medicine wants to grow.

I made up a fluffy mix of perlite and vermiculite as I worked at an Aloe vera farm and had plenty of soil mix components around. Within weeks those cut plants had dug themselves in and started to flower. Soon I was collecting seed.

That original lesson continues to this day. Every morning I greet the medicine right outside my door with the sun. I look and listen, hoping I’m paying better attention now. Am I living my life in a good way? Are my intentions honorable? Am I being the person I need to be, to be involved in this growing relationship with medicine? And if something is not contributing to my or the medicine’s wellbeing, what can I do to make it better? These are the early morning questions I ask myself and it always leads to prayer. Thank you for my life, for this morning, for another chance to live a good day. I want to do better. I need help recognizing my own weaknesses. Thank you for listening.

This is how I grow medicine and how medicine grows me.

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Growing with medicine

2 responses to “I Grow You, You Grow Me”

  1. I keep remembering the time when the medicine was plentiful. We went to Texas and I remember seeing carpets of peyote. I remember the peyote talking to me in a spiritual language that spoke to my heart and gave me a deep insight in my being. This relationship has helped me with spiritual growth and has helped me healed. I remember our Arapaho elder used to tell us that peyote has its own intelligence. I am starting to see that through observing how the medicine works in our lives to heal us emotionally, spiritually and physically. The native elders had a vision of hope and could foresee into the future and that the earth is out of balance. They could see that the peyote could help us to heal through their love and compassion and generosity. This is the reason, I am very passionate about conservation. I don’t have the answers but I believe that fear, blame and mistrust is destructive and creates division.


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