Mother Of Medicine

“If a person performs his duties as a keeper of the living medicine with the same care and reverence that he would bring to a peyote meeting – the same care and reverence with which he might tend the fire – then the medicine will reflect that care and that reverence to those who use it as the sacrament.”

Ted Herrera
Spiritual Leader
Rio Grande Native American Church

Mrs Lorax is a mother of medicine. She takes the seeds from our plants, germinates them, and nurtures them much like children. And while the medicine in her care grows, our human children grow alongside them. It’s really that beautiful and simple.

Guadalupe and Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin with medicine.
Our Lady Of Guadalupe shrine, San Antonio, Texas.

This is a family album of a medicine mother’s seedlings, photographed from planting to three years old.

Separating seeds from seed pods.

We all should do this. The garden becomes a place of learning, devotion, and prayer.

Children learn from our devotion. Growing up around medicine gives them perspective of the long term relationship it has with us.

Seedlings at 7 weeks.

There is nothing too hard about cultivating medicine from seed. Well, it’s exactly as hard as are attention and prayer.

Seedlings at 1 year.

Children and peyote babies. You end up looking at and admiring them every day. And like children, medicine grows a little every day.

Two year old seedlings.

Providing the right conditions in terms of food and water is important. But just as important as these physical needs are, they need the right amount of light. Too much will burn them and too little is just as harmful. I’m thinking there’s an analogy here with children too. Perhaps our attention is the light our children need.

Transplanting day!

Every parent rearranges the house when an infant becomes a toddler. Same way with medicine. As they grow, you need to change the space.

Two and a half year old seedling.

Taking seedlings from their original germination tray and putting them in new soil noticeably speeds up their growth. They love the extra nutrients in new soil and some room for roots to grow. This reminds me of when our kids start talking and they’re learning new things every day.

Three years later. Growing up cute and healthy!

At three years of growth we take the seedlings from their individual containers and let them grow together in a longer term arrangement. I guess you could say that this is like when our kids start school.

Three year old ready for a bigger room.
Newly transplanted babies.

Medicine doesn’t mind growing close to each other. Many cacti growers notice that often the ones growing closer together grow faster. I don’t think I need to insert the obvious analogy with children here.

Guadalupe keeping watch over the babies.

Watching the medicine grow is not like watching our kids grow. It is the same thing. A healthy attitude is required for both to thrive. Seeing your kids healthy and happy shows your home being healthy and happy. Your happy and healthy home shows your medicine thriving. This is what Mrs Lorax is growing. Health and happiness. We all should do this.

Dear Creator. Watch over our families with your light and love. Protect them as the future brings its blessings and its challenges. Give us strength, guidance, and health as parents so that we may see our children love and bless their own families. Thank you.

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2 responses to “Mother Of Medicine”

  1. I’m grateful for you brother. Grateful for the medicine. Grateful for this blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge stories around the medicine. Your writing is medicine for me right now.


  2. Beautiful metaphors about the medicine and growing a medicine garden brother Leo! I am sharing your Lorax insights, wisdom and experience with our lionsgate community here near Ithaca, NY. We are sponsoring our first tipi meeting October 8th. 2023. We keep you in our prayers and your family, the sacrament as well. Love you brother! Fidel


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