Peyote Sunday

This does not have much to do with peyote conservation, but it does have something to do with Sunday, and the feeling that comes with. I decided to make a playlist for friends, Mrs Lorax, and anyone who enjoys this blog. There are more eyes on these pages than I expected from such an odd upstart, and I get lots of positive feedback. So here’s some peyote Sunday music for your alls ears and souls.

Peyote Sunday

Featuring peyote music, Los Lobos, El Venado Azul, and other beautiful music from and for a Sunday afternoon. Also a couple of Lorax stories that he’s too lazy to write.

Full musical version on Spotify

You can hear The Lorax blah blah blah stories only, without the music, by using the embedded player at bottom of page.

The Lorax familia circa 2001 with Cesar, Conrad, and David of Los lobos.
El Venado Azul

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