The Peyote Lorax And The Dalai Lama Walk Into A Tipi…

Well, not exactly, but almost.

I’m no Buddhist but I like their art. It’s not unlike Huichol yarn paintings, in that there’s a sense of a story, a visual narrative. And it’s simple enough where you feel you should be able to understand its meaning.

In 1994 I had a chance encounter with The 14th Dalai Lama. At least it seemed like a chance encounter. A dozen years later or so I had another encounter with him so what are the chances really? Anyway, I share the story of that first encounter in the latest episode of The Peyote Lorax Podcast. Giving thanks for music on Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a premium Spotify membership you’ll only hear samples of the songs but you can still hear my stories and commentary. (The link below is for streaming on this page and does not include full version of songs. For complete show, go to Spotify here

I hope you enjoy. Give Thanks!

Featuring the music of The Dharma Bums

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Healing With Medicine

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