The Wirikuta Preservation Project

An important preservation project is underway which needs your help. Wirikuta is a dedicated sacred site in Mexico where the Wixarika (Huichol) people pray and gather medicine for the community. As I was told by my Wixarika friends, their prayers radiate out for all lands and all peoples. It is extremely important that we become aware of the critical state of affairs affecting this spiritually and ecologically unique part of the Chihuahuan desert.

Mining, land conversion for tomato and chili greenhouses, highway construction, and psychedelic tourism, are among the many threats to these sacred lands. Traditional ejido properties are being sold to commercial interests in spite of the sacred site’s protected designation.

Tribal council have agreed on the need to form a council of representatives to speak for the people, the medicine, and the land. For this purpose, The Wirikuta Preservation Project is establishing a land based sanctuary under the direction of the Wixarika people. They recently were able to acquire a portion of dedicated land, but there is a need for all of us who care about these ways to provide support for the purchase of a larger piece of land. Because of competitive interests, there is only a brief window of opportunity to secure the future of this irreplaceable tierra de los dioses.

Listen to the latest Peyote Lorax podcast

In the latest edition of The Peyote Lorax podcast, I speak with representatives of the Wixarika people, Don Rafael Pizano and Miguel Carrillo about their people’s perspective of life, land, prayer, and medicine. We were joined by Santiago Alonso and Matthew Schroeder of The Goodness Sake Foundation and The Wirikuta Preservation Project, who share details about this urgent situation. Recorded at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Please share the links and the podcast interview below. It’s important to spread the word and be generous with your assistance. Thanks!

The Wirikuta Preservation Project

GoFundMe Wirikuta Preservation Project Campaign

GoodnessSake Foundation

Seed grown, 40 year old plants on display at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
L to R- Miguel Carrillo, your interviewer, Matthew Schroeder, Don Rafael Pizano, Santiago Alonso.
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