Seedling Sanctuary Project

The time has come to get growing! Morning Star Conservancy’s seedling sanctuary project is underway and you can help. Morning Star Conservancy’s mission is to preserve and protect peyote in its natural habitat. Establishing conservatory gardens is an important part of this mission. In support of this purpose, Morningstar Conservancy has received an initial operating grant for a peyote seedling sanctuary pilot project. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of producing seedling stock for transplant into dedicated conservatory gardens, and for potential repatriation into depleted habitats. This proof of concept seedling project will be active in January 2023. However, additional funding is required to continue the project beyond the first year startup period. Budget projections for this first initial period fall short, by approximately $50K, of costs which include a one time facility upgrade, (construction of greenhouse, required in second year operation), and resident caretaker salary.

Given that 3 years of specialized nursery care is required for successful transplant readiness into a natural culture environment, Morning Star Conservancy is seeking supplemental funding for years 1 through 3 of the seedling sanctuary project. It is anticipated that at the completion of this 3 year operating cycle, several appropriately designated conservatory gardens will be operational and ready to receive transplant stock into their custodianship.

Several Native American Church (NAC) affiliated groups are currently engaged in planning conservatory gardens to be managed under their own organizational auspices. Morning Star Conservancy’s seedling sanctuary project is a necessary first step toward relieving these NAC affiliated organizations of the sensitive horticultural requirements of the life cycle of peyote seedlings. Due to the extended nature of peyote’s growth cycle, we are hopeful that this important process can proceed without delay.

Functioning as a culturally appropriate nursery providing sustainably grown planting stock for dedicated gardens, Morning Star Conservancy’s seedling project is an important first step in addressing and remediating the impact of ecological and economic factors that challenge the current NAC sacramental supply system. For more information, please see Contact us at

Morning Star Conservancy is a 501c3 organization. Fiscal sponsor is Youth Passageways, EIN #47-4750095. Your contributions are eligible for non-profit, tax deductible purposes.

Contribute To The Seedling Sanctuary Here

Please give generously and share this link with others who care about the future of peyote. Thank you!

Listen to The Peyote’s Lorax on the Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t podcast.

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