Growing The Future!

Today, on March 15th, 2023, the first seed of Morning Star Conservancy’s Seedling Sanctuary Project sprouted! In celebration of this blessed and historic day, I am posting images, videos, and a podcast, which further detail this important work. Much gratitude and many thanks to all the people who have assisted in moving things along this far. Here’s to the future!

Important update edit: This happened after making this initial post-

Creator, thank you so much for the opportunity to care for the medicine you’ve gifted us with. Guide us and bless this prayer. We ask you this on behalf of all our relations.

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Mixing soil the old fashioned way!

Seedling Soil Mix Recipe

Fine sifted organic compost (pH buffered with fine crushed oyster shell, dolomite, and greensand)- 3 parts

Washed sand- 2 parts

1/8” screened volcanic pumice- 2 parts

Fine screened vermiculite- 2 parts

Added to this mix is a moderate sprinkling of fine gypsum, aged poultry manure, feather meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, and sulfates of potash and magnesia. This type of organic nutrient mix is commonly available online or at nurseries.

The first seed planting tray, blessed with cedar, ready for the first ceremonial planting.
Freshly planted seeds in their new home.
Four days after planting, the first seedling emerges from its seed shell.
Mixed soil ready for loading into seed trays.
Newly filled trays placed into the seedling sanctuary nursery.

While the nursery room was being completed we made the first ceremonial planting in a single tray. This first planting prayer included two precious seeds that came from a single fruit from Grandma’s prayer garden in South Texas. This is a continuation of generations of prayers offered for the future of the people and the peyote. Within the next few days, as the lunar cycle shifts into optimum growth influences, the first full sequence of seed will be planted in quantities that will cultivate hope for the future prayers of many generations!

Images From The Seedling Sanctuary Home

Chaparral in flower.

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Planting Day!

3 responses to “Growing The Future!”

  1. came for the peyote progress pics stayed for StumbleBunny (yes, the cutest thing ever!)


  2. So beautiful! Thank you doing this sacred labor of love!


  3. Amazing work! That soil mixture is top notch. Those medicines are spoiled. You all inspire me to keep growing to do my part in this world. Thank you for planting our future


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