Planting Day!

Thank you Creator for this opportunity to spend the day on my knees praying for the future. Please bless us as we grow.

Early this morning, mi amigo Michael and I made a prayer, burned cedar, and drank tea. Having worked for several days getting everything ready, the moon was in optimum mode, and the day had arrived for planting.

Soil, cedar, tea, and seeds. The day begins with a prayer.
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Holding approximately 1,500 seeds in hand.
20,000 peyote seeds ready for planting.

50 seedling flats were planted today with much love. Each flat was planted with approximately 2,500 seeds. That’s a lot of prayers. It was 11 hours on the knees, laying down seed.

Spreading and topping 2,500 seeds.

At the same time we were planting seed in Arizona, Mrs Lorax was transplanting medicine seedlings in Canada. Now that’s my kind of international cooperation!

Meanwhile, north of the border…
All water has been buffered to an optimum pH between pH5 and pH5.5.
Seed trays placed into their new home.

Stay tuned for further updates. Please contribute to this important work by visiting this page-

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A Seed Is A Thing Everyone Needs!

2 responses to “Planting Day!”

  1. Mi Hermano Leo!
    I’ve been feeling your energy recently, and all the medicine that remains here has communicated their abundant joy that their progeny has finally been able to complete the cycle of life. I’m blessed by your incredible love and enthusiasm for this important work.
    I was contacted recently by a representative of the NAC conservancy group, and I’m pleased to announce that Sandor Ironrope and his lovely wife will be here next week to collect and then repatriate the remainder of my collection to South Texas. The aim is to have a seed production area in their greenhouses. My 40 plus year husbandry of these magnificent beings has been thrilling, but Spirit has enabled me to sever any emotional attachment I experience to these my children, knowing they will be back where they truly belong. My heart soars knowing how many other two leggeds can now be blessed by the medicine. I know viscerally that life is change, and any and all egoic encumbrances have to be transcended for my relationship with the Creator to reach its full potential.
    I will admit that at 68 circles around the sun, I’ve finally understood the secret to a happy, fulfilling life, is to treat others better than I want to be treated. Presently my life is a wonderful time with only good things happening each and every day.
    I’ve been told that in the not too distant future, I will be invited to the gardens in Texas to be honored for my contribution and willingness to gift them in such a way. I’m hoping timing will be such that I might pay you a visit to see your work, and bask in the warmth of the Arizona sunshine. If by chance a ceremony coincided with my visit, and I am fortunate enough to be invited, I’d consider that one of the highlights of my life. May you be blessed and protected all the days of your life my dear brother.
    AH HO!


  2. What an operation! All I can say is: “Grow baby grow.”


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