Springing Forward!

Peyote drawing by Joey Santore

Yesterday was a big day at the Peyote Lorax Ranch. It started with the wonderful sight of many thousand freshly sprouted medicine seedlings. This was a long planned for and highly anticipated event. Even the sky seemed to be heralding a new season and new birth as balloons and birds soared in celebration!

I enjoyed the beautiful morning by observing new medicine sprouting and visiting with some of the local native cacti growing in this beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Fresh sprouts in seedling tray.
Some of the neighbors, relaxing on a pleasant Spring morning.

The previous night I attended a musical performance hosted by my old tipi friends and while there I ran into another couple of people who I had not seen in many years. This week has had the distinct flavor of spicy welcome home salsa, Tucson style. So yesterday morning, I decided to stay with that theme and met another old friend, a tipi roadman, for lunch. And it just happened to be the opening day of the annual 4th Avenue Street Fair so I rendezvoused there with my Canadian sister who had just arrived in town. There’s nothing like filling each other in on life updates for accentuating the cycles of fellowship that take years to complete their orbits. Tucson is my nexus for these kind of long term connections and it was a pleasure to renew our bonds of friendship.

The Peyote Lorax in natural habitat.

Wandering through the crafts at the street fair, I happily came upon the very exact item I need for our seedling project- The complete Lorax story with blank pages for journaling. Perfect!

Later that afternoon I met with friends on the Tohono O’odham reservation to help put up the tipi for ceremony. As usual there were stories, and learning, and the making of new acquaintances.

After helping set up tipi I returned home to The Peyote Lorax ranch to enjoy the feeling and looks of the seedling sanctuary nursery.

We are very grateful to the kind folks at Hydrofarm for their generous donation of supplemental lighting for the seedling sanctuary!

Spring has officially sprung at Morning Star Conservancy’s Seedling Sanctuary. Now, as the seedlings are sprouting and taking root, is the perfect time to offer your financial support to this important project. Please spread the word- we can’t succeed without public support!

Support the Seedling Sanctuary by clicking here- https://thepeyotelorax.com/2022/11/17/seedling-sanctuary-project/

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2 responses to “Springing Forward!”

  1. Words fail to express the love, devotion, and boundless energy my brother Leo has shown with regard to
    saving the sacred medicine for future generations.

    We have both seen the majority of our winters in this life, and yet the medicine seems to convey a youthfulness in spirit that I see we both share.

    In an external world of uncertainty and strife, there exists a calm center, free of any delusion and false truth, that the medicine seems to easily convey and maintain.

    The Great Spirit dwells in all things, and has never lost the power to heal, change lives, and right wrongs, in spite of the so called informational “leaders”, who speak with authority on subjects they know little or nothing about.

    Those of us who’ve been chosen to carry the message of oneness to all who will listen, have a great responsibility to live in truth and authenticity.

    As is said in the big black book, “to whom much is given, much is required”.

    Leo takes this admonition very seriously, and deserves all our support and respect for doing such a stellar job.

    In closing, I think it needs mentioning;

    We are all related…
    We are all the same person.

    Regardless of cultural origin, skin pigmentation or socio-religious-political outlooks.

    Love is all that’s real,
    love is all there is…

    AH HO!


  2. Michael Pennington Avatar
    Michael Pennington

    Seeing the light of creation and the momentum building you share, brings
    me great joy my brother Leo!
    Much love compadre.


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